Our American rodeo

Our American Rodeo is a documentary project exploring Native American rodeo, from the deserts of Arizona, through the Great Plains and up to the 'Ninaistako' mountain in Montana.

Filming with the Oglala Sioux nation in the Badlands of South Dakota, the frame grabs below are from the full length documentary in production (Sept 2019).


During research I made several films with the help of friends from the Navajo, Hualapai and Hopi Reservations. The first film is a short portrait about Troy Tuni, a very talented rodeo cowboy representing the Navajo nation. The second although not directly related to rodeo is Vincent Salabye’s spiritual relationship with cycling on the land of his ancestors.

an introduction to Troy Tuni

the line by Vincent Salabye


Twitter stories

I shot and directed these films for Twitter’s 2019 recruitment drive. Produced by Danielle Guirguis (Smarthouse films) and Marije De Graaf, Edited by Thomas Shenk, Peter Hamelinck (creative director). Tom Walton (copywriter), Cloud factory (agency), George Balatoni (grading) and Darlings Post Productions and Ot Leendertse (Smarthouse films) post production.


Thaddeus - director’s (shorter) edit

Melissa - director’s (shorter) edit

God Is - director’s (shorter) edit

Biz - director’s (shorter) edit


The road to Guincho

A director’s edit I shot for Neil Pryde’s 2019 Autumn brand launch. We spent a week in Portugal’s Sintra National park filming some of the World’s finest and funniest kite boarders and wind surfers. Many thanks to Nora from Neil Pryde, Diogo for the aerial shots and the local knowledge he freely gave us, to George Balatoni for the wonderful grade and Robert Okker, Boxos and Darlings post productions for their support.


Robert Mims the Texan bull rider

In this new film, three-times senior world champion bull rider (an activity that needs no further description) Robert Mims introduces British filmmaker Doug Hancock to the close-knit world of a traditional rodeo community. This lyrical portrait of the rituals and rhythms that underpin the cowboy way of life was shot on location amid the dry heat and picturesque landscapes of Texas and Utah, setting the scene for an exhilarating picture of a traditional sport that, in 2018, is still finding ways to keep up with the times. Speaking of his often hair-raising study of the riders, animals, and traditions that define the bull-riding world, Hancock explains: What I wanted to make was a film that dispelled the myth that all cowboys are white. I don’t think anyone could fail to be inspired by Robert’s wisdom, wit, and sheer love of life.